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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

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  • Personal Business Growth Insights From Shark Tank Star Daymond John Custom-Tailored For Law Firm Owners ($34,997 Value)
  • ​The Exact Blueprint To Revamp Your Website, SEO, PPC, and Lead Generation Efforts ($6,997 Value)
  • ​The Step-by-Step Process To Reinvent Your Practice For The New "Digital Economy" ($14,997 Value)
  • Discover Your Unique 2022 Lead Abundance Strategy That Effortlessly Pulls In New, High Quality Leads Every Month (PRICELESS)
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You'll Walk Away NOT ONLY With Million-Dollar Strategies To Dominate The 5 Key Marketing Opportunities of 2022...

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The New You 2022 Law Firm Owner Bootcamp Features The 
Best-of-the-Best Industry Experts & Thought Leaders. Here They Are... 

Who's Bill Hauser?

Bill Hauser is the CEO of one of the fastest growing legal marketing partners in the industry. Creator of the record-breaking Laws of Business Mastermind show, Bill has attracted the best-of-the-best thought leaders & business icons to freely share their knowledge with ambitious law firm owners. 

With a 4-year track record of doubling his company, Bill has spent thousands of hours reverse-engineering his success and the success of industry legends to distill the MOST EFFECTIVE law firm growth blueprint ever created. You'll learn exactly how to get rapid and sustainable growth in every area of your practice in 2022 when you show up.

Who's Andy Stickel?

For nearly 10 years, Andy Stickel has made it his life mission to help thousands of lawyers transform their lives with simple, innovative law firm growth techniques. A master of social media & video marketing, Andy is an established thought-leader in the legal marketing industry and consistently produces firm-altering results for his clients.

This Bootcamp is going to be absolutely critical for you to attend. Why? Andy's been in deep testing with his most trusted clients on private SEO and marketing strategies that have produced incredible results. And, for the first time, he's sharing them with you. Combined with Bill's technical PPC prowess and video marketing expertise, you'll get THE BEST marketing strategies to prepare your firm for 2022.

Who's Daymond John?

From his wildly successful role on ABC's smash hit Shark Tank show to receiving the honor of being Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, Daymond John has made it his life mission to give back to entrepreneurs by sharing his hard-earned business lessons. 

Known for pioneering the lifestyle clothing brand FUBU and being a NY Times best-selling author, Daymond has built his company from the ground up into a $6 Billion retail sales empire that shaped the fashion industry. At the New You 2022 Law Firm Owner Bootcamp, you'll get key strategies customized specifically for rapidly growing law firms from his vast business experience during a can't-miss fireside chat with Bill Hauser. 

Who's Jordan Belfort?

In the 1990's Jordan Belfort, former kingpin of the notorious investment firm Stratton Oakmont, became one of the most infamous names in American finance... and one of the MOST POWERFUL redemption stories on Wall Street. 

After turning around his life, Jordan has taken the sales strategies and tactics that made him legendary and has turned it into the massively successful "Straight-Line Selling System". But there's something you may not know about him...

He's been privately working with a handful of law firm owners across the nation to revamp their intake strategies and phone scripts... and his results are astounding. Want to learn how to DOUBLE your intake conversion rate? Then make sure you grab your ticket where he reveals what's working NOW...

Who's Allison Williams?

Allison Williams has been a practicing attorney for over 16 years & built her own practice to 7 Figures after starting with $0 in savings and NO business experience.

She's learned how to grow her firm 856% over the past 4 years with business systems and is particularly well-versed in learning how to attract high-quality leads & convert them into signed cases.

She'll be sharing the 7 Strategies you need to achieve rapid growth in your law firm for 2022. These are the exact strategies that she's used to achieve her own phenomenal growth in less than 4 years. If you've ever felt like your firm is out of control or that there's chaos in your life, you won't want to miss her strategies that help tame the chaos!

Who's Nick Werker?

Nick Werker has been a content marketing enthusiast for years. The Marketing Director of Answering Legal, Nick knows what it takes to bring in quality leads to a law firm and, more importantly, knows how to convert those leads into signed cases. 

He'll be talking about the new trends that he's seeing for leads and how they want to transact with law firms and sharing how to best take advantage of these trends in your practice. 

You'll walk away with the core strategies and tactics that are working RIGHT NOW to convert 25% more leads into signed cases with just a few simple tweaks to your intake and marketing system!

Join The Hundreds Of Attorneys Already Registered For This Bootcamp!

This Bootcamp Isn't Some "Rah-Rah", Feel-Good Event Where You Only Get General Business Tips You Then Have To Figure Out How To Apply At Your Firm.

This Will Be A Detailed, Step-By-Step Breakdown Of The BEST STRATEGIES That Are Working RIGHT NOW For Ambitious, Committed Law Firm Owners Like You.

But, You Don't Have To Believe Us...

Here's What Other Law Firm Owners Are Saying About Our Events & The Results They've Gotten From Them...

Just A Quick Reminder...

You'll Walk Away NOT ONLY With Million-Dollar Strategies To Dominate The 5 Key Marketing Opportunities of 2022...

You'll Also Learn How To "Hard-Reset" Your Health, Diet & Exercise So You ACTUALLY Accomplish Your Personal 2022 Goals Faster. 

You’re Protected By Our $180K Guarantee!

If at the end of the Challenge you feel you haven't gotten at least $180,000 in value... 
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RIGHT NOW: ONLY $597 $49 $1!

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